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the Consumer and Environment

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The Federation of British Chimney Sweeps (FBCS) provides a unified voice to lobby and promote the interests of the professional chimney sweep, whilst providing a single point of contact for the wider industry as well as central and local government. FBCS comprises of the main chimney sweeping trade associations and the industry’s NVQ provider. The member associations collectively represent the majority of registered chimney sweeps in the UK.

We aim to act as a collective voice, to lobby on behalf of the professional chimney sweep trade associations and their members in developing and implementing strategies to meet the goals of the Federation, its member associations and the wider industry. We draw on extensive industry expertise from our member associations who bring a wealth of collective experience.

Mission Statement

To provide professional NVQ qualified Chimney Sweeps to protect consumers by cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining the flues, chimneys and appliances to ensure that they are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

To raise standards for the industry to work with the Government and trade bodies on all chimney safety and environmental issues.

Confidence and Accountability

Strategy Group

  • To identify and implement strategies to meet the changing demands placed upon the industry.
  • To extend the scope of work of professional sweeps through formal qualifications and recognised trade status.<
  • To raise consumer awareness of the benefits of engaging professional chimney sweeps.
  • To work with Government, local government and other stakeholders in developing deliverable environmental policy outcomes.
  • To work with our member associations in promoting common messages of best practice and industry standards to their respective chimney sweep members.

Training Group

  • To promote the development and delivery of accredited occupational training and qualifications through our member associations.
  • To promote the goal of lifelong learning through qualifications and certifications in order to secure the formal trade status of the occupation of Chimney Sweep.
  • To further develop training across associations to meet the changing needs of the industry, other stakeholders, and government strategy.


The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) now recognises Chimney Sweeping as a specialist skill sector trade. Chimney Skills Training (CST) in partnership with other stakeholders within the industry have developed the NVQ to formally recognise the competent chimney sweep ensuring those working within the industry can now achieve formal trade status through qualification to finally secure the occupation as a highly skilled, specialist and independent artisan trade.

Those sweeps choosing to undertake the NVQ Certificate in Chimney Sweeping will benefit from a third-party accredited trade qualification, official trade status and secure the independence of the occupation as it moves forward to meet the challenges of the future


FBCS invites enquiries from any parties seeking to engage with the professional chimney sweeping industry in the UK, by emailing us at contact@FederationBCS.com